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Sandalwood, of the genus Santalum, is a genus of woody flowering trees and plants. Most species are semi-parasitic and several produce a highly aromatic wood. The most common species are Indian sandalwood (Santalum album) and Australian sandalwood (Santalum spicatum), although other species are used for their scent as well.

The global sandalwood oil concentration rate is relatively low; the manufacturers are mainly distributed in eastern Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, like Australia, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, China and Hawaii etc. Australia and India are dominating the global sandalwood oil market.

In Australia, is the largest producer of sandalwood oil, the market is dominated by few players like Quintis (former TFS Corporation), Santanol Group and Essentially Australia. Quintis now is the largest producer of sandalwood oil in the world, cultivates and manages huge santalum album trees in Australia, supplies sandalwood oil for the perfume and pharmaceutical use. Quintis’s customer include Galderma, Lush Cosmetics, Young Living, Santalis Pharmaceuticals and Estee Lauder etc.

The global Sandalwood Oil market is valued at 78 million US$ in 2018 is expected to reach 170 million US$ by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of 10.5% during 2019-2025.

India is the second producer of sandalwood oil, the market concentration rate is low, most of the players are small, and the top players include Karnataka Soaps & Detergents Limited (KS&DL), RK-Essential Oils Company, Meena Perfumery, Katyani Exports and Naresh International etc.

In China, there are only several producer located in Jiangxi and Guangdong province, like Sandalwood Forest (cultivate Indian sandalwood in Guangdong), Jinagxi Xuesong and Jiangxi Jishui etc. low-yielding and low quality.

In terms of consumption of sandalwood oil, North America, Europe and India are dominating the consumption market, the sandalwood oils are mainly used in personal care products, cosmetics, perfumes, aromatherapy, Pharmaceuticals and other applications like mosquito coils and incense etc.

Sandalwood Oil Market industry is easily affected by the development of the sandalwood. The natural sandalwood trees are decreasing due to illegal felling and procurement of the wood. It will have to rely on the artificial cultivation in the future. And it is possible that the sandalwood oil price will keep a weak down trend in the future, thanks to the strong demand and the success of the artificial cultivation. So it’s important to put an eye to the development of natural and artificial cultivation sandalwood, especially large production country, like Australia, India and , Indonesia and the Pacific Islands.

At company level, Sandalwood Oil Market report focuses on the production capacity, ex-factory price, revenue and market share for each manufacturer covered in this report.

Sandalwood Oil Market manufacturers –

The major manufacturers covered in Sandalwood Oil Market report

  • Santanol Group (Australia)
  • RK-Essential Oils Company (India)
  • Meena Perfumery (India)
  • Naresh International (India)
  • Essentially Australia (Australia)
  • Katyani Exports (India)
  • KS&DL (Karnataka Soaps & Detergents Limited)(India)
  • Sandalwood Forest (Qingyuan) (China)
  • Jiangxi Jishui Natural Essential oil Factory (China)
  • Jinagxi Xuesong (China)

Segment by Regions

  • North America
  • Europe
  • China
  • Japan

Segment by Type

  • Indian Sandalwood Oil
  • Australian Sandalwood Oil

Segment by Application

  • Cosmetics(Perfumes)
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Aromatherapy
  • Others

Table of content

Executive Summary
1 Sandalwood Oil Market Overview
1.1 Product Overview and Scope of Sandalwood Oil
1.2 Sandalwood Oil Segment by Type
1.2.1 Global Sandalwood Oil Production Growth Rate Comparison by Type (2014-2025)
1.2.2 Indian Sandalwood Oil
1.2.3 Australian Sandalwood Oil
1.3 Sandalwood Oil Segment by Application
1.3.1 Sandalwood Oil Consumption Comparison by Application (2014-2025)
1.3.2 Cosmetics(Perfumes)
1.3.3 Pharmaceuticals
1.3.4 Aromatherapy
1.3.5 Others
1.3 Global Sandalwood Oil Market by Region
1.3.1 Global Sandalwood Oil Market Size Region
1.3.2 North America Status and Prospect (2014-2025)
1.3.3 Europe Status and Prospect (2014-2025)
1.3.4 China Status and Prospect (2014-2025)
1.3.5 Japan Status and Prospect (2014-2025)
1.3.6 Southeast Asia Status and Prospect (2014-2025)
1.3.7 India Status and Prospect (2014-2025)
1.4 Global Sandalwood Oil Market Size
1.4.1 Global Sandalwood Oil Revenue (2014-2025)
1.4.2 Global Sandalwood Oil Production (2014-2025)

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